What the Community is Saying About Us

Rob DeVilbiss

"The staff and resources of our GRPL are simply fantastic and with the financial support of the GRPLF, our community is well positioned to thrive. No other insitution has the ability to unlock the individual talents of Grand Rapids patrons to help make this community great. By supporting GRPLF, I feel like I am adding value to individuals, families and the entire community." 

Carla Grant

"The Grand Rapids Public Library is a valuable community resource, especially for entrepreneurs. Its Small Business Resource Center gives you free access to great databases that would otherwise cost a small business big money! The staff are knowledgeable and available to help you with any research project. And, there's even a small busines e-newsletter that lists available classes and showcases local small businesses. I highly recommend that any local business owner visit [the Small Business Resource Center] and discover what's available." 

Thomas R. Dilley

"The preservation and dissemination of our local history record is important to me, and it is for this reason that I have supported, by financial support and the donation of historical artifacts, the Grand Rapids Public Library Foundation's effort support the Library's efforts to collect and preserve the images and documents of our city's past. The archive at the Library will preserve this history forever, and will make it available to everyone to study and enjoy. A gift in support of this effort by the Foundation is of incalculable value to the present and the future of our community."

Harriet Singleton

"I grew up in Heritage Hill on Prospect Street. Both of my parents and my three older brothers were the scientific types, so we spent a lot of time walking to the Grand Rapids Public Library...To me always having a good book to read or a topic to look up is like having treasures--- sometimes better than money in the bank. When the Grand Rapids Public Library asked me to serve on their Diversity Library Committee, I jumped at the opportunity. I want to assist the library with coming up with new innovative programs that all kids want to access and this is why I continue to serve on the Diversity Committee. Every year in February, the Grand Rapids Public Library hosts the Taste of Soul—which gives multicultural families an opportunity to dine together. I want every young person, especially young children of color, to learn to love the library. I want them to have the experience of walking or rolling up to the main door to claim their ownership and their love for books!" 

Jessalynn Radden

"As an educator, I believe that it is important to allow students to learn in various ways and to provide students with opportunities to learn about the community and the world outside of the classroom walls. I worked with the Grand Rapids Public Library to accomplish this goal. My 6th grade students were able to take part in the Nook Project that was created in collaboration between the library and the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Students used the Nooks to bring a new excitement to reading. Students used the Nooks at school and at home and would often record their thoughts online about what they read using DigiBridge...I believe that the extra time spent reading allowed many of the students to increase their NWEA MAP reading assessment scores, bringing many of the students up to grade level or allowing them to surpass their previous scores. My 6th grade students also worked with the library to learn about cultures that may differ from their own. We took part in the GRPL Dia de los Muertos program and used the library and its online databases to allow students to study various countries throughout the world. The students loved taking part in these two projects with the library and I would often overhear students sharing what they have learned with each other...The Grand Rapids Public Library and its staff are always so welcoming and it is evident that they truly want our students to connect with them."